Fun activities on Brač

Fun activities on Brač

Brač is the largest island in Croatia but You can explore it in just couple of days!

Explore the beaches

Beaches on the island of Brac are one of the island’s top highlights. Generally, beaches on the south side of the island are the best of all. They are gentler, larger, mostly made of fine pebbles, so fine it feels like sand.

The most famous beach on the island is the Zlatni Rat beach. Located at the west end of Bol, this 1 km long beach stretches into the sea in a shape of a cone. Zlatni Rat is a wonderful beach to swim, but it gets really crowded in high season.

If you want to skip the crowds, you’ll need to go further out of Bol. The best way to do that is by boat. Beaches below the village of Murvica are also popular. They lay just few kilometres west of Bol.

Povlja, located in a bay of the same name, has gorgeous beaches too.

Beaches on the north side of the island are fewer, and rougher. Coast is rockier. However the only sandy beach on the island, the beach Lovrecina, is on the northern side of the island.

Gastronomy and wine tasting

When it comes to food, Brac is popular for lamb meat, sheep cheese, olive oil, and mandarins. The food on the island is good. And although the restaurants might seem a bit less creative than in Split, Zagreb or Istria, there are few places to look for while on the island. Brac is renowned for its vine. The most common grape varieties planted on the island are Posip (white wine), and Plavac Mali (red wine).

Hiking, trekking, rock climbing

The most popular hiking trails are from Bol to Vidova Gora summit, Murvica to Dragon’s Cave, Nerezisca to Blaca Hermitage, Farska to Blaca Hermitage, and from Sumartin to Planik.

Scuba diving

Although neighbouring Hvar, Vis and Solta, represent more popular diving destinations, and many diving centers on the island of Brac offers boat trips particularly to Hvar, Brac does have couple of interesting diving spots along its coast.

Lucice Cave, located on the southeast side of the island, is an underwater dessert consisting of a spacious chamber at 15 m, and two underwater tunnels dropping down at 30 m and 44 m.

Drasine Cave at only 5 to 8 m depths reveals remains of a Roman mosaic. Golubinja Spilja abounds in underwater flora, fauna, rocks and reefs.

Sea kayaking

Who doesn’t like sea kayaking?! And what a better way to explore a coastline than paddling your way around?!


The Zlatni Rat Beach is actually one of the most popar spots in Croatia for windsurfers. There are few windsurfing centers in the vicinity of the Zlatni Rat beach offering windsurfing courses and equipment rental.


Brac Island is a perfect destination for mountain biking. Since Vidova gora is the highest summit on the island, naturally many cycling routes lead here, to the highest peak of the island, where cyclists can enjoy gorgeous views over the sea, the island of Hvar, and the Zlatni Rat beach.

A cycling route from Bol to Vidova gora, is a challenging, grade 4 ascend taking you from the sea level to the altitude of almost 800 m, but gaining along the way a total elevation of 1100 m. Similary, there is a pretty challenging, and 20 km longer, cycling route from Supetar to Vidova gora. Likewise, from Sumartin, a ferry port on the southeast shores of Bol, you can cycle to Vidova Gora.

The easiest cycling route is a short, 16 km long, relatively flat route from Sumartin through Selca and Novo Selo back to Sumartin.

You can also look into booking a cruise and cycle holidays where you visit central Dalmatian islands (Brac, Hvar, Vis) with a boat, and then cycle from one port town to other. This is a great way to trully experience Dalmatian islands.

and many many more fun things to do…