What to visit on Brač

What to visit on Brač


The bell tower of the Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church is the town’s most famous sight.


The Gallery of Ivan Rendić: A memorial collection of the author’s sculptures, drawings and documents in the very centre of the town proudly exhibits many works such as the bust of Ivan Gundulić, a famous writer from Dubrovnik. Many cultural events take place in the atrium of the Gallery.

Sacral collection of the parish of St Peter in Supetar
Located in the renovated space of the former parish church, the collection includes valuable items from the period of the Venetian Renaissance in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is possible to see items such as early Christian mosaics, sarcophagi, photographs of the city from late 19th century, as well as documents, books, votive paintings of ships, challises and reliquaries. Information on opening times is available at the Parish Office, please call +385 21 631 329 for telephone enquiries.


When in Sumatrin, we recommend visiting the Franciscan Monastery and St Martin’s Church.


It is worth visiting Selca to see the Church of Christ the King, also known as ‘a stone beauty’, as well as the Statue of the Heart of Jesus, a work by world-renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Be sure to also visit the old church dedicated to the Lady of Carmel.


Visit the representative Church of Our Lady of Carmel – a treasury of valuable art pieces.

Blaca Hermitage

Blaca Hermitage is a set of interconnected houses, crags and caves which come together to create an unforgettable sight. We highly recommend it as a day trip!

Blaca Hermitage, not far from Bol, is a great choice for a half-day excursion. It is one of the most original ethnological sites on the island, created in the 16th century when priests arrived to an area underneath a steep cliff. They erected their settlement there and began producing and selling wine.

Hermitage is formed as a series of mutually connected houses: the recluses’ rooms, commercial buildings, a chapel and a school for children from nearby setlements where shepherd’s once lived.

After the blaze of 1724, some of the remains are still visible today, including the large hearth with benches where all the members of the Blaca community would gather in the evening, as well as furnished apartments and the library with a total of 11,000 books printed in their own print shop from 1895 onwards.

Today the Hermitage is abandoned, but much evidence of the versatile life of the recluses of Blaca remains, and we warmly recommend that you visit and experience it.


Škrip is the oldest settlement on the island of Brač and we recommend visiting the County Museum of the island of Brač.

The Museum is open from 9am until 7pm during the summer months, and by appointment during the rest of the year. Please phone +385 21 630033 for enquiries or visit the Museum’s website


In this small town, a must-visit is the ciborium from the Early Christian basilica (Lovrečina Bay), the Church of St John the Baptist and its bell tower which is the motif of Vladimir Nazor’s first story in his book Childhood Stories (Angel in the Bell Tower).

Art enthusiasts will love the My Peace art studio where sculptor Sandra Nejašmić exhibits her sculptures and holds creative workshops, poetry evenings and other fitting events.


All who like Brač stone and wish to learn more about it should visit the Stone Museum in Pučišća.
We recommend Dragon’s Cave as a half-day excursion.

Close to Murvice is a fascinating monument to monastic life in the caves. It is hidden 300 m below Brač’s highest peak, and the only way to get there is to climb an uphill path and then dive into the peace and mystery of Dragon’s Cave.

Vidova gora

Vidova gora (778 m) is the highest peak on all the Croatian islands. Do not miss the most beautiful panoramic view of the Dalmatian islands.

This is a fantastic backdrop for all who love photography or who simply enjoy the sight of Bol and Zlatni rat, seeming to be only an arm’s length away.